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BS00541A.gif (2165 bytes) Network technology is ever changing with more, bigger and faster being the keywords. This phenomenon is not restricted to PCs, LAN speed or even Internet Access. Everyday newer "better" technology is introduced. No one can possibly stay on top of it all, let alone figure out if it will work with the existing mix of technology.

Our highly skilled and trained technical staff work everyday with many companies, investigating new networking technology and how it can be integrated with their current infrastructure.

Sometimes our clients’ need/want a total overhaul and sometimes they want to phase new technology in over time. We, unlike some others in the pack, are not into "pumping Iron". The correct answer is not always just buy new hardware, many times with the right technology and a small investment, existing equipment can be stretched for another year or two.

As businesses are becoming more reliant on computer technology for day to day activities, having someone on staff maintaining and repairing these systems can be costly.  Let AdvanTec be your MIS department with network administrators, phone support and onsite technicians, strategic planning, systems implementation and maintenance.

We sell 1st Quality name brand hardware, and "industrial strength" custom systems made with name brand components. Some hardware firms specialize in making their equipment cheaper and cheaper, with whatever components are lowest cost today. We work with the premise that the hardware should remain in service and trouble free for as long as possible and if it does fail it should be easily serviceable with industry standard components.

Some firms specialize in Internet, hardware, cabling, and only service it if you "bought it here". We provide complete Network Services. We specialize in finding answers that are right for your specific needs: Hardware, LAN/WAN, FAX, Internet, Cabling/Wireless, Servers, Back Office, Administration, Web Master and Support.

As the name AdvanTec implies: "We provide Advanced Technology solutions for business."

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Custom Workstations Windows XP /Vista  Workstations built to your specifications or let us recommend what would best fit your needs.  We use the finest components like Intel, AMD to assemble your PCs.
Custom Servers Windows Servers designed to your requirements.  Windows Standard, Virtual and Enterprise Servers, ISA Server, MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, Application Server, MS Terminal Server, Small Business Server, Multiprocessor
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  • Routers
  • Firewalls
  • Switches
  • Bridges
  • Cabling/Wireless
  • Network Printers