Here are some of the sites we have built

Behaven Kids - Parent Log



Behaven Kids Day Centers --National Parent Log Web

LLovet Sales On-Line
An e-commerce shopping cart system for wholesale and retail customers.
that integrates and interfaces directly with accounting solutions. The accounting system allows the users to create catalogs and catalog membership files, and upload these to the web.  The web allows new retail users or authorized wholesale users to login and make purchases from the appropriate catalogs. All orders are then sent to eth accounting system for fulfillment and or billing.

Business Operations Group



Advantec Infomation Systems - Business Operations Group

This web..


Humane Services Group


AdvanTec information Systems - Human Services Group

Our "people oriented software Site" -- focusing on Management Solutions for Mental Health, Personal Care Services, Group Homes, Funeral Homes and more...


SNFisher - Photography

Commercial photographic compositions of nature, still life, insetcs, animals, artsy fartsy, interesting places, 911 Commerative Phots, Panoramas. Published works include Photographs of George Washington Bridge.

Construction Services Inc.

Construction Services Inc

A woman owned residential and commercial remodeling firm working on projects throughout the East coast..

beehive Madigans Beehive e-partment Store

Madigan's Beehive is an online department store currently under development that will feature:  Online Shopping, Member Services with Secure Credit Card Transactions and Directly integrates with UA Corporate Accounting.  This is a E-commerce site.  A mixture of Social networking and ecommerce, where vendors can place their products,  consumers can shop, individuals can post their homes and autos  and social groups can post activities and events.

a web inspired re-interpretation of our family department store from 1893.

Syntech is a indoor/outdoor/ada sign company.  This site includes the following features: Online RFQ/Order Entry, Contact Info, Custom Artwork, General Product Listing and Email.  Level 1 Plus



A membership based online backgammon gaming and tournament site.  This site features:  Membership Enrollment, Dues, Secure Credit Card Transactions, Tournament Registration, League and Tournament Game Reporting / Administration, Statistics, Rankings, Business Rule Application and Tournament Seeding.  Technical Features: .ASP, MS SQL Database, SSL and E-commerce.  This is a Custom Developed B2C site.

HKS1.gif (3259 bytes)
HKS Hardware & Hollow Metal, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of doors.  Features: Online Identity, Product Catalog, Email Listings, Customer Services.  This is a Level 1 site.

Safety First GuardRail Systems

A Construction Safety Equipment Firm: Provides rental, sales and installation of construction site guardrails on a national basis.  This is a work order distribution and tracking  site and their national business affiliates pick up and complete their service work orders through the web.



An American subsidiary of an international medical research firm. on line DNA order entry system for Research Labs to order DNA Oligoes.  This site featured:  Customer login, Order entry of customized Oligoes, order confirmation, pricing and integration with lab production, accounting and production systems.  Technical Features: Perl, MS SQL Database, Linux, Solomon Accounting.  This is a Custom Developed B2B site.