Sales Automation software is designed to automate business tasks such as inventory control, sales processing, and the tracking   of customer data. The program analyzes sales forecasts and performance. This type of program can be known as Sales Force Automation (SFA) software, and by Customer Relations Management (CRM) software. It may also be known under the somewhat misleading term of: Contact Management. Sales automation software, however, is much more that merely contact management.

Sales automation software assists companies in enabling the marketing departments to identify and target the best customers. Sales automation software helps to generate new, quality leads for the sales team, streamlining existing processes, and assists in organizing sales and ordering information to provide sales forecasting at the touch of a button.

Sales Automation software provides employees with the information and processes they need to succeed. It organizes customer information, records details about customer requirements and effectively builds relationships between the company, the customer, and the sales personnel.

The biggest advantage to Sales Automation software, is that sales personnel become truly mobile. They are no longer hindered by the inaccessibility of computers and the internet, nor must they wait for the mail to run, or till they get back to the office to place the order. Sales persons can record the order at any time, then upload when it is convenient. Check out AdvanTec's line of Sales Automation software products and see if one of then is right for you!



  • EDI Interface
  • EDI Translator1
  • EDI Communications
  • Supports: 810, 850, 860, 875, 880, 855, 856, 864, 997
  • 856 Integrated Bar Code Labels

1integrated commercial off the shelf package from third party

Mobile Devices

IPHone, IPod Touch, Black Berry, Netbooks, Notebooks


  • Write orders simply by tapping on the screen
  • Print order confirmations and invoices via e-mail
  • Take orders, creates invoices and/or notes on-site with WI-FI or G# connections
  • Sales personnel stay up to date on inventory quantities and pricing



Sales Tracking And Results System

  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Locations/Dept.
  • Unlimited Notes
  • Move contacts between locations and accounts
  • Threaded Notes by Contacts & Accounts
  • AutoNotes to simplify sales activity reporting
  • Automatic Sales Forecasting
  • Call Interrupt Processing
  • Ms-Outlook Integration
  • Email & Web enabled
  • Correspondence Manager
  • Follow-Ups & Reminders


  • Online ordering and shopping cart capabilities
  • Price listings are linked to UA and are updateable
  • Available in two different versions:
    • ATE-Commerce-1 is a low cost store and forwarding system
    • ATE-commerce-2 provides real time order and credit card processing