Integrated Business Software / Accounting

Small Business Manager

For small companies that want a true multi-user solution SBM Versions

  • Includes front office and light/medium operations.
  • Multi-User - Checks and balances
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Materials Management (inventory)
  • Purchase Orders
  • General Ledger (Extended)
  • Order Entry
  • Payroll
  • Job Cost


  • For more advanced accounting/ business needs
    • Batch & Immediate Modes
    • Functional Task Segmentation
    • Multiple Warehouses, inventories
    • Layered, Transactional Inventory
  • Additional Options:
    • Credit Card, Ad Manager, Distribution
    • Production Control, Fast Quote, Re-supply
    • E-commerce
  • Multi-user File Server architecture
  • MS Office Interface/MS Access database

Professional Edition

For professional services: Associations, Engineering, Marketing, etc

  • Designed for medium sized front office applications
  • Enhanced core business functions AR, AP, OE, PO,PR
  • Enhanced  User “ease of use” features
  • Includes HRS, Time Reporting
  • Recommended for up to 10 users
  • MS Office Interface/MS SQL/ MSDE database
  • Supports third Party Billing
  • Multi-currency
  • Batch & Immediate Modes
  • Functional Task Segmentation
  • Layered, transactional inventory
  • Document management
  • Task/ document flow scheduling

Industrial Edition

Multi-User, Multi-Site, Multi-Company, Industrial Strength, High Volume Operations. Distribution, Logistics, Made to Order MFG, Job Shop, Virtual Inventory / Brokered Sales, Refurbishing Plant, Finishing Plant, Sales Service Parts and Rental, Large Equipment Sales Industrial Versions

  • Designed specifically to handle the higher volume front office and heavier duty operational requirements for Service,  Distribution and JOB Shops.
  • Bigger, better, faster  over 150 extra enhancements
  • MS Office Interface/MS SQL database
  • Multiple Billto, Shipto, Contacts
  • Extensive use of Stored Procedures
  • Pricing Tools: LOB, Group, Customer , Default
  • Multi-user Client Server Architecture
  • Remote Access, multi site operations and accounting
  • Extensive Taxation capabilities
  • Enhanced Features
    • POS, Order Entry, inventory control
    • Distribution Features
    • Progressive payments
    • Enhanced Job Costing
    • Service Dispatch
    • Production Control
  • Additional Options:
    • Credit Card, EDI, Collections. RMA
    • E-Commerce, Purchase Requisition
    • Purchase Commitment,  Bulk Shipping
    • Time Reporting

Specialized Business Software


Time & Expense Reporting

  • Centralized and User Data Input
  • Report Time by Client/JOB
  • 2 Level adimnistrator defined classification
  • Billable / non billable
  • Optional workorder/ case#
  • Manager Summary and Detail Views
  • Multi-User/ Remote Access


  • Billbale vs Non Billable Reports
  • by User
  • by Department
  • by Work Order
  • by Client/Job
  • Expense Reports
  • Optional Accounting Integration
  • Payroll, AR/ AP

Sales Force Automation

Hierarchical Sales Account, Contact and Opportunity Mangement

  • Contact, Sales and Account Management
  • Sales Tracking And Results
  • Unlimited Accounts, Contacts, Locations, notes
  • Schedule Appoitnments, meetings, follow ups
  • Manage Campaigns
  • Filter by: Last Conatct, account type, SIC Code, Account Status, etc
  • Handles mergers and acquisitions


  • Use by contact or account
  • Maintain Customer Equipment Records
  • Call Management
  • Opportunity Pipeline
  • Expense Reporting
  • Multi-user
  • MS Office Interface/SQL database
  • Optional: UA/ATEC Accounting Integration

Engagment Management System

Professional services: Practice, program and Engagement Management. Optional Integration with UA/ATec Accounting Solutions.

Claims Adjustment Management System

Claims Management System: for Independent Insurance Adjusters. Optional integration with UA/ATec Accounting

Community College Dental Program Management

Fully Inegrated Community College Dental Hygiene and Dental Assistant educational curriculum/grades and clinical practicum management.

DataVault - Pre-Needs

Funeral Home - Multi-Chapel, Multi-user Pre-needs Sales and Journal Ledgers for state reporting.



Add On Modules

More ....


Other Products...

Basic Business Modules...
  • General Ledger - Financial Reporting
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Order Entry
  • Purchase Orders
  • Payroll
  • Time Reporting
  • Engagement Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Materials Management - Inventory

The Solutions above represent major functional areas and or industries that we have servered. Our "taliored solutions" design enables us to easily configure our solutions to your particular needs. Ideal for businesses consisting of multiple disciplines.


What is a taliored Solution?

Our software solutions are built from over 100 modules and can be configured around your needs.  We also can integrate with your existing applications, and convert the data from your old system as needed.  Flexible, scalable and extensible to meet your needs now and into the future.

Our taliored solutions typically are priced at or below other mid range business systems, come with source code and all work is performed in the USA.